You Know Who You Are

In all my soul’s lives, I have never seen a species quite like Man.


You should be thankful, each and every one of you, that you’re alive. But you’re not. You’re so far from not you forgot that you better be.


Heads are up asses the world over.


Where do you get off? Huh? God created the world and everything in it so you could tell someone else what to do, how to think, what to feel?


Unbelievable the stupidity here on this planet.


Perhaps some of you thought to save God the trouble and create a perfect Hell. You’ve done admirably. You sorry pieces of shit.


You call yourself human. I’m ashamed to call myself one.











Suicide Bomber

“The polls say you don’t stand a chance in hell–.”

“I know that,” I snapped. Who was he kidding? I’m the central player in the greatest coup in the history of the world. It’s just part of what I agreed to do, if necessary. Besides, the idea of a landslide loss in November just stuck in my craw. I mean, really stuck there. I’d rather be martyred than face that.

My “advisor” frowned. (Handler is more like it–but the Global Nazi running things here thinks I don’t know that either.)

“Timing is,” he began.

I knew he was stroking me, but I nodded anyway. “Yeah, everything.”

“The American Spring a series of baby steps into a real Shit-Sandwich Summer. And they fall for this crap.” He snickered. “Every time.”

He made it all seem so casual. Then again, he wasn’t the one making the sacrifice here.

“I see Farrakhan made the news,” I said.

He smiled. “Right on cue.” His eyes glimpsed some unnamed glory in the distance. “People will kill their leaders, made headlines at Drudge, too. It’s beautiful.”

“So, who is it?” I said.

He blinked once into a direct, piercing look at me. “What?”

“A picture, that’s all I want.”

His eyes narrowed, and I almost laughed out loud. The hell with the Global Nazi’s script. He’s been wrong before. Timing ain’t everything. Not when you’re the one waiting.

“We can’t afford to be premature here. There’s still a chance…”

“We won’t have to go that route,” I finished for him. “Look, friend, I know already. Now that those patriotic assholes guarding me are gone, we got new men in place, you don’t think I know?” I shook my head. “A nudge here, a shove there, and then the climactic event. Same old script.”

“Formula…for a crisis. And it works.”

“For the last forty years.”

“You’re the trigger.”

“I prefer catalyst,” I said, invoking my best campaign voice, “to an historic crisis of global proportions.”

His eyes lit up. “Social and economic. Like a bomb.”

“Riots, chaos, martial law.”

“UN control.”

We both laughed. We hate the Constitution.

“Just a picture, huh?” he said.

“The name, too, if you want.”

His smile lacked, but that tell-tale fraction of genuine humor. “I’ll see what I can do. Will there be anything else, sir?”

When the button is pushed, there’s no running away…

She was in my office a couple of hours later. She’s smooth, the slickest operator of them all. She would never rush right in here, take the slightest risk of showing their fear. Like I could back out now anyway. But what I learned from her over the years…I’m so good now I make her think she’s fooling me.

Small talk, and then she said simply, “You really want to know who?”

“Just want to see if I can pick him out. Gives me something to do while I’m,” I made quotes in the air with both hands, “mesmerizing the crowds.”

I knew that would get a giggle out of her.

“He’ll have to be photographed at a few stops, won’t he?” I said. “You know, for the media angle to work later.”

“Well, they’ve got the social networks’ pages in place already. I’ll see what I can do,” she said.

Allah, be merciful. Don’t make me wait too long.

The suspense is killing me.

Treason in a Drone, or Two

In the past week, our military leaders have flown two of our high-tech drones directly into the hands of our enemies.


The first went to Iran, who is so far behind us technologically they must be handed a drone on a silver platter so they might someday make of themselves a credible enemy worth invading just to keep the profits from the war machine fattening a few good globalists’ pockets. Doesn’t matter how many of our brave soldiers have to die to keep these people in the style to which they’ve become accustomed either.


The second drone went down, according to the Washington Post, in the Seychelles, the Indian Ocean archipelago that serves as a base for anti-piracy operations, as well as U.S. surveillance missions over Somalia.


Again, from the Washington Post story: Photos of the Reaper show that it sustained heavy damage, with the nose of the drone carved off and one wing partially missing. Gervais Henrie, editor of the local Le Seychellois Hebdo, who witnessed a crew lifting the remains of the drone with a crane after the crash, said it had burst into flames. Much of the Reaper appeared charred.

“Totally destroyed,” Henrie said in a phone interview.


I would bet dollars to donuts the technology inside the cockpit area is still intact. How convenient for the Chinese, who coincidentally said Tuesday, according to the AP, that it is considering an offer from the Seychelles to host Chinese naval ships in the Indian Ocean island nation, highlighting the increasing global reach of a navy that recently launched its first aircraft carrier.


And here I thought giving our military secrets away was nothing less than Treason. Maybe flying our secrets directly into the hands of our enemies doesn’t count. Let’s go ask that drone, Obama, or maybe we should climb the food chain to ask his master puppeteer, Soros.


Maybe Issa can issue yet another subpoena that results in exactly no arrests or charges. It’s starting to look like the Republicans are just as riddled with Progressive global traitors as the Democrats.Two heads of the same snake selling us out in broad daylight.


Sure getting tired of being played. Aren’t you, America?


Suicide Bomber Breeding Program

Shahada: (arabic) To die for the “cause.”

Since the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was formed in 1964, they’ve had two main goals, despite their cover story of fighting for a Palestinian state–money and a breeding program for suicide bombers.

And the poor Palestinian people are the sheep being bred to “die for the cause.”

Interesting, isn’t it, that for all the money the world, and the US, has given the PLO–and lately the millions Obama has given to Hamas, the PLO’s successor to management of the breeding program–no one bothered to educate these poor Palestinians on their right to life.

All the learning these poor outcasts and rejects of the Arab world have received is brainwashing in Shahada. For forty plus years, the breeding program instituted by rich globalists of Arab and non-Arab descent sharing a common hankering to own the world has gone unchallenged and unchecked. And largely unreported. Palestinian television hammers home certain messages repeatedly: US, Israel bad. Strap a bomb to your body and “die for the cause” good.

Even the current generation of Palestinian mothers believe now that sending their child to be blown to bits along with other innocent victims is an “honor” that will entitle them to “paradise.”

Unfortunately, the real paradise for which these poor mothers are sending their kids to die belongs to the PLO, who has assets in the neighborhood of 10-14 billion dollars. Yes, that’s Billion with a B. And now Hamas expects their “fair” share of the breeding program pie.

Some of that money came from neighboring Arab states, but some of that money came from the US as well.

And funny, isn’t it, the Palestinian people don’t seem one whit smarter or better off for all those bucks, do they?

Ah, but what’s a takeover of the world without a herd of suicide bombers to terrorize the global population.

And the breeding of these poor human sheep, these Palestinians, their brainwashing continues.

There must be a special Hell reserved for people who breed other human beings to their own purposes.

George Soros, Obama, and the Progressive traitors in Congress and the UN–can you hear me now?




What “Is” is or, in Holder’s case, “a few”

According to Real Clear Politics, in March of this year, Obama spoke about having “heard of Fast and Furious” on the…



Two questions: Why doesn’t this President know what’s going on in his own administration; and how does this President have time to watch the “news” after he assured the American People that he would turn his “laser-like focus” on jobs, jobs, jobs. In between vacations and parties and campaign fund-raisers. Maybe.

And how does this March admission by Obama that the Attorney General had been notified and an inspector general was investigating the matter jive with Holder’s testimony before Congress in May of this year stating that he’d only “heard” of Fast and Furious “a few weeks ago.”

Maybe Holder plans to redefine “a few” ala Bill Clinton and the infamous “is.”

“A few” does not two months make, by anyone’s definition, even those spouting the new Government-speak.

If loose lips sink ships, Obama’s the new Titanic.

A PSA for the Occupy Wall Street crowd

First degree frostbite

Fourth degree frostbite (yes, those black nubs are lost fingertips).

You can argue global warming, class warfare, rich versus poor, or any other liberal talking point in the emergency room, while those doctors and nurses are trying to save your appendages after you’ve proven once again that no matter how much education some folk get, they’re just too stupid to come in out of the cold.

Please ask yourselves why your SEIU organizers sent you out to occupy anything like a street in the Northeast just before winter. Please do. We all want to know the answer to that.

I’d show you what frostbite does to bare asses crapping on cop cars or penises looking for luv in all the wrong places, but I think that lesson is best served cold.

George Soros’s Toys

Distraction: A political tool provided by liberal mainstream media to every Progressive politician they support in both Congress and the White House; a propaganda device whose main purpose is to divert the electorate’s attention from the high crimes, misdemeanors, and outright treason being committed in the highest offices of our land.

Warning: This device works only on a sleeping public that trusts their media’s reporting.

Example: The Soros-owned media endeavoring to bury the crime and treason Obama and Eric Holder committed with Solyndra and Fast and Furious under the thrift-store sleeping bags of a few young, ignorant kids camping out on Wall St.

Someone ought to tell Soros and Obama, even the SEIU–organizers of the whole Occupy Wall St. fiasco–that the voting public, by and large, no longer trusts the Soros-owned media to employ any device but distraction in their reporting.

On second thought, perhaps we should allow Soros and Obama and the SEIU as well as their brain-dead media to figure this all out on their own, just to see how long it actually takes them to buy a clue, if only so the entire nation might learn what kind of mental midgets we’re dealing with here.

Both Holder and Obama should step down before they’re fired. But neither is smart enough to know what they ought to do. That’s the reason George Soros bought them in the first place–they’re so malleable, so easily molded for use, yet cheap enough to throw away when their uses run out. Sort of like Gumby and his sidekick, Pokey.

George Soros Toys

Obama, Holder, and the mainstream media: George Soros’s toys–to own, to trash, or even toss under the bus. Just like all those ignorant kids camping out on Wall Street.

Young, Dumb, and Full Of…

Ignorance: The belief that, in a country where every person is created equal with certain unalienable rights, one carefully crafted set of loose morals should trump any and all others.

Occupy Wall St. useful idiots

Whose morals are you spouting–your very own or someone else’s? Or have you never given the question any thought?

Just because the Progressives infesting the public school system like vermin have led you to believe that the highest, best-est, the holy grail of moral ground is giving your all to the world doesn’t mean any of us were born to serve your world, or labor for your world, or pay for your world, or slave for your world.

No one else here in America owes your limited point of view their consideration, let alone their allegiance.

Not a single one of us was born owing this world, or any human in it, so much as the time of day. Not one of us. Nor do we owe the Federal Government a solid penny for the privilege of being born here in America. God chooses who lives here, and that would be whatever God you think is out there. Even if that’s no God at all.

Not a one of us is ever born to serve Man or Man’s inventions, or

George Soros, predator

even a sadistic and insecure Man‘s lust to inflict more and more suffering on all peoples, if only to convince himself he’s truly king of the world.

Not a single human on this planet owes the world, or another human in it, or any government of Man, or even their own parents, a particle of their lives, a dime of their fortunes, or even the tiniest shred of their sacred honor just because the predators among them say so.

Days of Rage in Tulsa

This is where the Progressives lied to all you idiot children protesting you’re not quite sure what–They only know what’s best for them, not you. And you owe it to yourselves to use the magnificent biological machine your soul powers to its full capacity. In other words, engage your “gifted” brains, think for yourselves, and grow up.

With every swallow you make of Progressive bullshit, you’re being robbed of the experience of individual freedom that’s just waiting for those among you courageous enough to own a genuine pair, a pair unique from all others.

George Soros, predator

Personal note to Soros and his pack of Progressive predators:

Do the math, morons. You haven’t grown or programmed or illegally imported enough human sheep yet to destroy America. And at the rate you abort your children, I doubt you ever will.