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Suicide Bomber Breeding Program

Shahada: (arabic) To die for the “cause.”

Since the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was formed in 1964, they’ve had two main goals, despite their cover story of fighting for a Palestinian state–money and a breeding program for suicide bombers.

And the poor Palestinian people are the sheep being bred to “die for the cause.”

Interesting, isn’t it, that for all the money the world, and the US, has given the PLO–and lately the millions Obama has given to Hamas, the PLO’s successor to management of the breeding program–no one bothered to educate these poor Palestinians on their right to life.

All the learning these poor outcasts and rejects of the Arab world have received is brainwashing in Shahada. For forty plus years, the breeding program instituted by rich globalists of Arab and non-Arab descent sharing a common hankering to own the world has gone unchallenged and unchecked. And largely unreported. Palestinian television hammers home certain messages repeatedly: US, Israel bad. Strap a bomb to your body and “die for the cause” good.

Even the current generation of Palestinian mothers believe now that sending their child to be blown to bits along with other innocent victims is an “honor” that will entitle them to “paradise.”

Unfortunately, the real paradise for which these poor mothers are sending their kids to die belongs to the PLO, who has assets in the neighborhood of 10-14 billion dollars. Yes, that’s Billion with a B. And now Hamas expects their “fair” share of the breeding program pie.

Some of that money came from neighboring Arab states, but some of that money came from the US as well.

And funny, isn’t it, the Palestinian people don’t seem one whit smarter or better off for all those bucks, do they?

Ah, but what’s a takeover of the world without a herd of suicide bombers to terrorize the global population.

And the breeding of these poor human sheep, these Palestinians, their brainwashing continues.

There must be a special Hell reserved for people who breed other human beings to their own purposes.

George Soros, Obama, and the Progressive traitors in Congress and the UN–can you hear me now?