You Know Who You Are

In all my soul’s lives, I have never seen a species quite like Man.


You should be thankful, each and every one of you, that you’re alive. But you’re not. You’re so far from not you forgot that you better be.


Heads are up asses the world over.


Where do you get off? Huh? God created the world and everything in it so you could tell someone else what to do, how to think, what to feel?


Unbelievable the stupidity here on this planet.


Perhaps some of you thought to save God the trouble and create a perfect Hell. You’ve done admirably. You sorry pieces of shit.


You call yourself human. I’m ashamed to call myself one.











People Are Asking Questions, Owebambi

Valid questions:

Why did the Egyptian embassy feel a need to apologize for the poor wittle hurt muslim feelings just BEFORE our Libyan ambassador and staff were killed? What did our Embassy staff know prior to the murders?

What about the CBS reports that claim our ambassador and staff were taken to a more secure location by Libyan Security who then betrayed that location to the mob?

Why is a filmmaker and a preacher being blamed for this violence when every chance he gets, Owebambi spikes the football on their messiah, bin Laden?

Why did Owebambi throw away a golden opportunity to BE presidential by running off to Vegas for a fundraiser instead of staying in the White House pretending to mourn the loss of the ambassador and staff? Why, he could have earned a chance in this election by showing a modicum of respect for the deaths of his citizens. He could’ve rescheduled his fundraiser and pretended to care for at least a day, the day of the murders, couldn’t he?

Funny what happens when you boo God three times at your “convention”, ain’t it?

One more question for you:

Why are we still allowing Owebambi to fund his Muslim brotherhood in the Middle East through our foreign aid?

Or rather, why is Congress?

I could ask why we’re still in the UN, but I think answering the questions above might point us to the solution.

People are asking questions, Owebambi. Everything you think you’ve built is starting to fall apart.

Suicide Bomber

“The polls say you don’t stand a chance in hell–.”

“I know that,” I snapped. Who was he kidding? I’m the central player in the greatest coup in the history of the world. It’s just part of what I agreed to do, if necessary. Besides, the idea of a landslide loss in November just stuck in my craw. I mean, really stuck there. I’d rather be martyred than face that.

My “advisor” frowned. (Handler is more like it–but the Global Nazi running things here thinks I don’t know that either.)

“Timing is,” he began.

I knew he was stroking me, but I nodded anyway. “Yeah, everything.”

“The American Spring a series of baby steps into a real Shit-Sandwich Summer. And they fall for this crap.” He snickered. “Every time.”

He made it all seem so casual. Then again, he wasn’t the one making the sacrifice here.

“I see Farrakhan made the news,” I said.

He smiled. “Right on cue.” His eyes glimpsed some unnamed glory in the distance. “People will kill their leaders, made headlines at Drudge, too. It’s beautiful.”

“So, who is it?” I said.

He blinked once into a direct, piercing look at me. “What?”

“A picture, that’s all I want.”

His eyes narrowed, and I almost laughed out loud. The hell with the Global Nazi’s script. He’s been wrong before. Timing ain’t everything. Not when you’re the one waiting.

“We can’t afford to be premature here. There’s still a chance…”

“We won’t have to go that route,” I finished for him. “Look, friend, I know already. Now that those patriotic assholes guarding me are gone, we got new men in place, you don’t think I know?” I shook my head. “A nudge here, a shove there, and then the climactic event. Same old script.”

“Formula…for a crisis. And it works.”

“For the last forty years.”

“You’re the trigger.”

“I prefer catalyst,” I said, invoking my best campaign voice, “to an historic crisis of global proportions.”

His eyes lit up. “Social and economic. Like a bomb.”

“Riots, chaos, martial law.”

“UN control.”

We both laughed. We hate the Constitution.

“Just a picture, huh?” he said.

“The name, too, if you want.”

His smile lacked, but that tell-tale fraction of genuine humor. “I’ll see what I can do. Will there be anything else, sir?”

When the button is pushed, there’s no running away…

She was in my office a couple of hours later. She’s smooth, the slickest operator of them all. She would never rush right in here, take the slightest risk of showing their fear. Like I could back out now anyway. But what I learned from her over the years…I’m so good now I make her think she’s fooling me.

Small talk, and then she said simply, “You really want to know who?”

“Just want to see if I can pick him out. Gives me something to do while I’m,” I made quotes in the air with both hands, “mesmerizing the crowds.”

I knew that would get a giggle out of her.

“He’ll have to be photographed at a few stops, won’t he?” I said. “You know, for the media angle to work later.”

“Well, they’ve got the social networks’ pages in place already. I’ll see what I can do,” she said.

Allah, be merciful. Don’t make me wait too long.

The suspense is killing me.

Knowing Your Enemy

We’re being played, all of us. Left, right, gay, straight, none of those labels matter any more than Democrat or Republican. What matters is We the People are being played like the ignorant mark in a fast game of three-card Monte.

Our enemies, the enemies of these United States, are a sophisticated lot. And they know our penchant, our weakness, for hating the other guy. Doesn’t matter who the other guy is really or even what he says he stands for or doesn’t. All that has to happen for our enemies to win is for us to hate that other guy.

Hate is such a tool to herd humans, just like fear. Ask the Progressives running both parties as well as their respective medias–they use these tools all the time. Hate this, fear that, move, move, move into this sheep pen, get your brand R or D, then go stand in that line and don’t ask why no one who ever goes in that knocker’s door ever comes out except in pieces, as raw meat.

The global Progressives of both parties are playing our hate, our fears, pitting us against each other on a host of issues designed to distract so that we won’t see their ultimate goals until it’s too late. Until the roundup is complete for this election cycle, until the gates of the sheep pens have been locked down tight. Until we’ve all got our Rs or Ds branded to our right or left hips. Until we’re all standing dutifully in line talking trash about the sheep in that other line while awaiting our turn with the knocker.

And don’t think there aren’t trolls being sent here and everywhere over the Net to foster the divisions, to continually feed the electorate the illusion that our “two-party” system is giving them a choice. But listen to the silence when you ask them to explain why, in a Congress so purportedly divided nothing can be done, the Democrats teamed up with the Republicans to strip us all of our civil rights under clauses 1031-1033 of National Defense Appropriations Act, or NDAA. Or just how did Republicans manage to team up with those same Democrats to extend the Patriot Act? And all the while, the ongoing story from all the media, left and right, is how divided our Congress is, so divided that nothing of any real import to benefit us, you and me, can be done. There is no explanation that makes any sense–unless you’ve done your homework and realize that BOTH parties are rife with Progressives, and no matter which establishment candidate sits in that Oval Office, the Progressive agenda marches on, just like it has for the last 100 years.

The Progressive agenda began in earnest with the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Since Congress passed the buck (pun intended) since that time when Congress “delegated” the minting of our money to a private global corporation, bit by bit, Congress has been giving away its power so as to render our voice in our own government impotent. Think about this for a minute. Of the three branches in government, who is our voice, who represents the will of the People? Congress. To render us powerless, to silence us in our own government, Congress had to be neutered. And what we’re seeing today–the hate, the fear, the division, the illusion of two party choice–is the results of that neutering. We the People, all of us, are left with a dictator whose face changes every four to eight years, a faceless tyrant who will stack our Supreme Court in the coming years AGAINST US AND OUR CONSTITUTION while we, with our labors, support the 535 Congressional parasites who all stand to benefit from our neutering.

What our enemies, the Progressives, know–and most of us, their marks, don’t–is that in order to save this country we need all of us, together. Hating your fellow American, whether he’s just plain ignorant, whether he’s an R or a D, or not, only serves our enemy’s purposes and none of our own.

Knowing our real enemies, and how they operate, is the only chance we have of saving this country. We must rise above the Progressive games of hate and fear, division by distraction, or we will fall. But either way, there’s simply no getting around the fact that whatever we the People choose to do, we’re going to do it together.

What a Little “Lesser” Evil Gets You

This is what the little “lesser” evil most of you voted for over the last forty years gets you: conditioned to accept evil in your lives.


Hate is evil, fear is evil, and BOTH PARTIES use these tools to keep you in their pens, feeding you the illogical assumption that a little “lesser” evil can vanquish a larger evil, while never permitting you to question how, or even why, a little evil can beat up a big one when both are working for the same side…

Lord God

Lord God,


Two weeks ago, the bank gave me two more dollars than it should.


I took it back.


A week ago, the same bank gave me fifty dollars more than it should.


I took it back.


Last night, the kid at McDonald’s gave me a whole sack of food beyond the order that I paid for.


I took it back.


Twice now You have tempted me with money, then once with mere food.


And being me, always me, (as You well know), my question now is why?


What small tests are these; in preparation for what?


You see, I know You, too.


Never anything without a purpose, or several.


Gotta love ya, Lord God. You keep Life so damn interesting.


Once You take note and get involved.


Can’t wait to see what happens next and when.

A Snake Named Party

I find pretty impressive the notion that either head of that snake in Washington named Party can turn nearly everyone here in America against someone else here in America.

Our problem is not R or D. That’s just a sleight of hand fostered by the two-headed snake named Party to provide us all with the illusion of choice.

Our biggest problem is the snake itself.

Note that when the names and affiliations change in Washington, the policies don’t. The same tyranny continues to creep into our lives through legislation, the same trashing of the Constitution occurs–R or D.

If the two heads of this snake named Party are so different, explain the votes on extending the Patriot Act, the NDAA, SOPA, etc. I’ve asked this same question at least a hundred times at different so-called conservative sites over the Net, yet no one can come up with any real significant differences other than to blame Obama as if he and the Democrats were our only enemy and not being aided and abetted by the Republican establishment.

Until we all realize who our enemy actually is, we’ve got no chance of defeating it. If you persist in your willful ignorance, America loses, our children lose, and freedom in the world will become just a myth perpetrated by oral storytellers because one day, sooner than we think, both heads of that snake in Washington named Party will decide to rewrite History to exclude God, Country and Constitution, not to mention the Revolution and our Founders.

Now, if you want to continue arguing amongst yourselves about which head of that snake in Washington is better, or which face of either head of that snake in Washington is better, be my guest. But never can you say from this point on that you didn’t know or that you weren’t warned.

Patriot Missiles…to China? TREASON

To recap, earlier in the month two of our unmanned drones were flown directly into our enemies–Iran and China–hands, purportedly “by accident…”

Now we have Patriot missiles in boxes marked “fireworks” going to China that were intercepted by the Finns. Here’s a link to the BBC story:

But look at the political spin the Washington Post wants to put on the story in their lame attempt to bury it:

Are the traitors squatting in our White House and Congress giving our military secrets to our enemies? Are they selling them? Why? To make the next world war more interesting? More evenly matched? More gory? More deadly? More profitable? Why haven’t the Chinese built their own missiles? Are the globalists who profit from all war, all the time, trying to give them a hand up on the competition, which is US?

If the Republicans are truly on the side of America and the People, where’s Daryl Issa with his subpeonas and numerous Congressional investigations that produce exactly no charges or arrests–ever?

So, why is there no real outcry here? Why hasn’t the Pentagon issued a statement? Why haven’t the other news organizations that make up the “media” reported anything? Where’s Red State, where’s The Blaze, where’s Townhall, where’s Hot Air, where are any other supposedly conservative websites purportedly standing up for America on this? Does the Washington Post and the rest of the media, Fox and every other “conservative website” included, think someone, some stupid American, won’t finally connect the dots?

Are these professional propagandists…er, journo’s…at the Washington Post and elsewhere that duped? Or do they and the traitors of both Parties and their globalist buddies really believe all America is so dumbed-down now, or so distracted, that we’ll just believe any old story they want to feed us?

Treason is as treason does, most assuredly. And tell me, where are the patriotic politicians of either Party? Their silence on this is simply deafening. See what 16 trillion dollars in debt buys us, America? Traitors, one and all.

Party (R and D): two heads of one snake coiled in Washington DC striking at the heart and soul of America.

When do we the People fight back? If not for ourselves, then for our children, our sons and daughters, that the globalists and their domestic puppets (R and D) see merely as gory fodder for their next profitable war.

Ron Paul, 2012

Banned at Townhall

Oh, yes, little old me who, like my Forefathers, would give my life to defend America and the Constitution–IN ITS ENTIRETY–have been banned at Townhall, that pseudo-conservative website designed to sell the Republican party line to willing sheep.


God forbid any real American Patriot steps outside either parties’ lines. God forbid any real American thinks for themselves or acts for themselves. I guess all that free speech crap disrupts the counts going on currently as the sheep of both parties are herded to their slaughter.


Well, piss on you, Townhall. At least now I and the few others that read this drivel know that you’re just a mouthpiece for the Republican party and anyone who dares suggest that both Democrats and Republicans are two heads of the same snake must be banned because the truth sucks.


I must’ve really pissed off John Ransom when I pointed out in my defense of the Constitution that he isn’t so Constitutionally-inclined after all. Or maybe it was Mike Shedlock, one of Townhall’s resident “financial” gurus, who didn’t like being told that the recession never ended, even if Obama said so, and now we’re sliding into Depression. Boy, those guys are really caught up in spewing the Republican propaganda. Makes herding the sheep easier for the Newts or Romneys or Boehners of the world, I’m sure. I hope leading the People astray pays well. Blood-money to soothe the pricking conscience. Too bad your Republicans are just as eager as the Democrats to devalue the dollar. Better invest in gold, huh?


I refuse to be herded into the slaughter pens of either party. I’m standing tall for America and the Constitution–IN ITS ENTIRETY–and if the poor Republican party propagandists at Townhall don’t like my free speech, they–like Obama, Soros, and the rest of the Progressives of both parties–can kiss my free American ass.