Fact of the Matter is

all those elected/elites in Congress, with one exception previously noted, their power depends on just enough of us believing their bullshit is important.

The mission they so willingly accept while mouthing the Oath of Office is to keep selling just enough of us the notion that they are on the job. But, if you’re really on any job, who needs convincing?

Now, when I take a job, I do that job to the utmost of my ability. Apparently, folks in Congress do, too. Who they’re working for, minus that one exception, should be obvious, but here’s the answer: everyone but US.

Ignore the bullshit, follow the money.

There’s the fucking bottom line, for all of us.


The Fact of the Matter is…

all these people in Congress, with the exception of Cruz, are shining us on.  And only Time will tell if Ted’s as incorruptible as me.

Shining US on. Look that up in your hippy dictionary.

There’s the fucking bottom line, for all of us.

In Rides Clint Eastwood

A Scheme of Patriots

We’re not only fighting to take our country back, the real battle is preserving the national sovereignty, our ability to act freely as a country of any global authority, free especially from the likes of the oppressive, tyrannical UN.

Now, think about your own patriotism, the level of it. There has to be a percentage of that same feeling, that stand up and fight for America, among the rich. They know, better than we, who they’re fighting, but it’s global. But these, this small percentage, are yet patriots of America, who just happen to be rich, and when they put their minds to it, they can scheme with the best of them, with the best of global conspirators. I bet this script has been in the works since before Obama’s election.

And then in rides Clint Eastwood. You bet.

Lord God

Lord God,


Two weeks ago, the bank gave me two more dollars than it should.


I took it back.


A week ago, the same bank gave me fifty dollars more than it should.


I took it back.


Last night, the kid at McDonald’s gave me a whole sack of food beyond the order that I paid for.


I took it back.


Twice now You have tempted me with money, then once with mere food.


And being me, always me, (as You well know), my question now is why?


What small tests are these; in preparation for what?


You see, I know You, too.


Never anything without a purpose, or several.


Gotta love ya, Lord God. You keep Life so damn interesting.


Once You take note and get involved.


Can’t wait to see what happens next and when.

A Snake Named Party

I find pretty impressive the notion that either head of that snake in Washington named Party can turn nearly everyone here in America against someone else here in America.

Our problem is not R or D. That’s just a sleight of hand fostered by the two-headed snake named Party to provide us all with the illusion of choice.

Our biggest problem is the snake itself.

Note that when the names and affiliations change in Washington, the policies don’t. The same tyranny continues to creep into our lives through legislation, the same trashing of the Constitution occurs–R or D.

If the two heads of this snake named Party are so different, explain the votes on extending the Patriot Act, the NDAA, SOPA, etc. I’ve asked this same question at least a hundred times at different so-called conservative sites over the Net, yet no one can come up with any real significant differences other than to blame Obama as if he and the Democrats were our only enemy and not being aided and abetted by the Republican establishment.

Until we all realize who our enemy actually is, we’ve got no chance of defeating it. If you persist in your willful ignorance, America loses, our children lose, and freedom in the world will become just a myth perpetrated by oral storytellers because one day, sooner than we think, both heads of that snake in Washington named Party will decide to rewrite History to exclude God, Country and Constitution, not to mention the Revolution and our Founders.

Now, if you want to continue arguing amongst yourselves about which head of that snake in Washington is better, or which face of either head of that snake in Washington is better, be my guest. But never can you say from this point on that you didn’t know or that you weren’t warned.

Red State–Red Sheepherders

I almost made the mistake of joining Red State. Generally, the way this site is sold, they’re supposed to be a voice for conservatives, and the grass roots, and all those other labels politicians are so in favor of using to promote their lies…er, promises nowadays. Anyway, that’s what the About page at Red State likes to tout, among other things, such as patting themselves on the back for being the “most right of center site” on the Internet and most widely read on “the Hill”. Whew. I’m supposed to be in awe, I guess.


Well, I know they stand for the Republican Party, that’s for sure. Says so right in their TOS:


6. It is forbidden to promote or give any kind of support for parties other than the Republican party, or candidates running against Republican primary, caucus, and/or convention nominees. Exceptions to this rule are granted when announced prominently on the front page of the site.


And all I was going to ask them was this:


Is Party more important than God, Country and Constitution?


So, I’m asking now. But I don’t expect an answer.


Sure looks to me as if Red State is just the propaganda wing of the Republican Party establishment, no different than, say, HuffPo or Politico or any number of left-wing Democratic mouthpieces spewing their brand of propaganda.


Another thing I would love to ask Red State is who’s paying the bills at this site, where you leave free speech at the door because these guys are sooooo red-blooded American, they can’t handle the Constitution, or acknowledge it, or adhere to it, or promote it, or support it, over and above their precious Republican Party establishment.


And they call themselves conservative? Conservative what? Communists? Progressives? Red shirts?


I call them sheepherders. Sheepherders whose main function is to co-opt not only the conservative movement, but the Tea Party as well. And all on behalf of the Republican Party establishment hoping to corral a few more sheep branded R in their pen.


Yeah, I wonder who’s really paying the bills there at Red State? Or where their loyalties truly lie? Certainly doesn’t appear to be with God, Country and Constitution. Just Party, Party, Party, all sheep, all the time. Just like Obama and the Democrats.


Two heads of one snake coiled in Washington, DC, appropriately named Party.



Washing My Hands of Rush Limbaugh

This morning I listened to Rush Limbaugh devote most of the first hour of his show trying to convince his listening audience that he wasn’t a part of the Republican establishment. Oh, he never came right out and said that, instead he used Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, and her endorsement of Romney–terming it at one point as a betrayal of the Tea Party that helped her get elected–to do the convincing.

But anyone with a nose for political spin could tell what Rush was up to, especially when he opened the second hour with one of his famous phoney ads he runs to enlighten and entertain. This time, however, he joined in the chorus of establishment Republicans to bash Ron Paul. And that’s when I finally washed my hands of him.

Alienating any candidate’s supporters cannot be good business, but even more, the attack on Paul seemed to come right on cue, as if the entire panicky Republican Establishment corps got a phone call to begin the coordinated assault. They’re all too smart to actually send out a memo–paper trails and all that.

So, which is it, Rush? Are you or are you not a member of Republican establishment?

I switched his program off the minute he started his crap and I don’t feel the slightest inclination to resume listening to him. Unfortunately, too, in this radio market, Hannity’s radio show follows Rush’s, so I’m not inclined to listen to Sean much either.

Not that little old me would mean much to those two elite right-wing propaganda pushers. But Rush does this today, of all days, on the anniversary of the real Tea Party that begot us a revolution, a fine country and a Constitution.

After 23 years of listening to Rush Limbaugh, I realize now that he’s no more conservative than Newt Gingrich or Nancy Pelosi with his hawking the establishment Republican’s message, right on cue, like a good little Progressive soldier.

Oh, if this isn’t a year of grave disappointments–discovering that Boehner has no more spine than the rest of his Progressive Republican establishment, or that Michelle Bachman for all her claim of loving the Constitution would let herself be walked AWAY so easily from that Constitution in voting to extend the Patriot Act, or Romney trying to convince us all he’s less the Progressive traitor than Newt, who can’t make up his mind which side he’s on, until the bidding is over.

I support the only honest, and honestly consistent, man running. No one, not a Rush Limbaugh, not a Sean Hannity, not one person on this Earth is going to convince me that holding our noses to vote for the “lesser of two evils” in 2012 just as we’ve done for the last forty years and expecting a different result is anything less than outright insane.

Banned at Townhall

Oh, yes, little old me who, like my Forefathers, would give my life to defend America and the Constitution–IN ITS ENTIRETY–have been banned at Townhall, that pseudo-conservative website designed to sell the Republican party line to willing sheep.


God forbid any real American Patriot steps outside either parties’ lines. God forbid any real American thinks for themselves or acts for themselves. I guess all that free speech crap disrupts the counts going on currently as the sheep of both parties are herded to their slaughter.


Well, piss on you, Townhall. At least now I and the few others that read this drivel know that you’re just a mouthpiece for the Republican party and anyone who dares suggest that both Democrats and Republicans are two heads of the same snake must be banned because the truth sucks.


I must’ve really pissed off John Ransom when I pointed out in my defense of the Constitution that he isn’t so Constitutionally-inclined after all. Or maybe it was Mike Shedlock, one of Townhall’s resident “financial” gurus, who didn’t like being told that the recession never ended, even if Obama said so, and now we’re sliding into Depression. Boy, those guys are really caught up in spewing the Republican propaganda. Makes herding the sheep easier for the Newts or Romneys or Boehners of the world, I’m sure. I hope leading the People astray pays well. Blood-money to soothe the pricking conscience. Too bad your Republicans are just as eager as the Democrats to devalue the dollar. Better invest in gold, huh?


I refuse to be herded into the slaughter pens of either party. I’m standing tall for America and the Constitution–IN ITS ENTIRETY–and if the poor Republican party propagandists at Townhall don’t like my free speech, they–like Obama, Soros, and the rest of the Progressives of both parties–can kiss my free American ass.