Fact of the Matter is

all those elected/elites in Congress, with one exception previously noted, their power depends on just enough of us believing their bullshit is important.

The mission they so willingly accept while mouthing the Oath of Office is to keep selling just enough of us the notion that they are on the job. But, if you’re really on any job, who needs convincing?

Now, when I take a job, I do that job to the utmost of my ability. Apparently, folks in Congress do, too. Who they’re working for, minus that one exception, should be obvious, but here’s the answer: everyone but US.

Ignore the bullshit, follow the money.

There’s the fucking bottom line, for all of us.


The Fact of the Matter is…

all these people in Congress, with the exception of Cruz, are shining us on.  And only Time will tell if Ted’s as incorruptible as me.

Shining US on. Look that up in your hippy dictionary.

There’s the fucking bottom line, for all of us.

You Know Who You Are

In all my soul’s lives, I have never seen a species quite like Man.


You should be thankful, each and every one of you, that you’re alive. But you’re not. You’re so far from not you forgot that you better be.


Heads are up asses the world over.


Where do you get off? Huh? God created the world and everything in it so you could tell someone else what to do, how to think, what to feel?


Unbelievable the stupidity here on this planet.


Perhaps some of you thought to save God the trouble and create a perfect Hell. You’ve done admirably. You sorry pieces of shit.


You call yourself human. I’m ashamed to call myself one.










Starve Our Children, Feed the Socialists


Michelle Obama sets a fine example of Do As I Say, Not as I Do–the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 mandates a one-size-fits-all regulation of 750-850 calories for school lunches. Unfortunately only in a socialist utopia pipe-dream are any American’s kids one-size-fits-all.

Guess what Michelle’s kids, Sasha & Melia, are eating at Sidwell (their PRIVATE school)?

Cheesy ziti bake with alfredo sauce

Sengelese chicken

Coconut chicken

Philly cheese steak

Sweet italian sausage

Moochelle Antoinette strikes again–her kids are too good for PUBLIC school, especially at lunchtime



Damn, woman. Do something about the size of your ass, then get back to us on what our schools should be feeding our kids.


Check out the “We Are Hungry” video below


To make your voice heard contact:
Undersecretary of Food & Nutrition Services
Kevin Concannon
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, D.C. 20250
Secretary of Agriculture
Tom Vilsack
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, D.C. 20250

People Are Asking Questions, Owebambi

Valid questions:

Why did the Egyptian embassy feel a need to apologize for the poor wittle hurt muslim feelings just BEFORE our Libyan ambassador and staff were killed? What did our Embassy staff know prior to the murders?

What about the CBS reports that claim our ambassador and staff were taken to a more secure location by Libyan Security who then betrayed that location to the mob?

Why is a filmmaker and a preacher being blamed for this violence when every chance he gets, Owebambi spikes the football on their messiah, bin Laden?

Why did Owebambi throw away a golden opportunity to BE presidential by running off to Vegas for a fundraiser instead of staying in the White House pretending to mourn the loss of the ambassador and staff? Why, he could have earned a chance in this election by showing a modicum of respect for the deaths of his citizens. He could’ve rescheduled his fundraiser and pretended to care for at least a day, the day of the murders, couldn’t he?

Funny what happens when you boo God three times at your “convention”, ain’t it?

One more question for you:

Why are we still allowing Owebambi to fund his Muslim brotherhood in the Middle East through our foreign aid?

Or rather, why is Congress?

I could ask why we’re still in the UN, but I think answering the questions above might point us to the solution.

People are asking questions, Owebambi. Everything you think you’ve built is starting to fall apart.

The Obamacare Racket–Welfare for a few good Insurance Companies

Now, pay attention, folks.

This whole Obamacare thing is a racket, it’s welfare for the “chosen” insurance companies. I finally manage to get OFF foodstamps, but would like to keep some kind of healthcare coverage for my daughter (medicaid or even CHIPs, where I would pay a low cost monthly premium plus a co-pay, but not lose the DENTAL coverage). I get a letter from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services asking me if my employer offered coverage and was I enrolled? Hell, no, I’m not enrolled, I say, but wait…this gets better.

I get a second letter telling me that the State has determined that it’s more cost effective (to whom) for me to enroll myself and my child in the ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN offered at work, to the tune of 373.00 per month with a stunning deductible we’ll never meet (BUT NO DENTAL), AND THE STATE WILL REIMBURSE ME.Just let that whole convoluted money trail sink in for a moment. I buy the insurance, or let the insurance company take their pound of flesh out of my hard-earned paycheck and the Feds, via the State, will reimburse me. Hell, they even sent me three postage paid envelopes so I can send in the proof of my first three months of insurance.

Bite me, Owebambi.

Now, tell me, who truly benefits here? Not my child, she’s losing her dental coverage. Who benefits? Not me. I’m out almost two hundred every two weeks, and the last two medical incidents I personally suffered were a year a part, which I PAID FOR OUT OF POCKET (fractured arms, left and right).

WHO BENEFITS? I’ll tell you–ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN is the true welfare beneficiary, not me, not my child. This is the Obamacare racket.

Did I ask for a dime’s worth of coverage for myself? NO, HELL NO. And thanks, but no thanks State of Montana. I’m not going to be a party to ripping off the taxpayers of my state as well as the nation so that some ALLEGIANCE INSURANCE company might get just that much richer. I sure love how you all try to insulate yourselves though. Real up front there and honest (sarcasm off!).

The whole “poor-pitiful-insurance-companies” as victims the media–LEFT AND RIGHT–is trying to sell us is a crock of SHIT. Whoever came up with that line of snake oil should get a Pulitzer for fiction.

I’m staring at the proof right in front of me on my desk in the form of a letter from the State of Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services. I have the letter that preceded this one as well.

Perhaps the White House will leak a list of chosen insurance companies who will benefit from this healthcare racket, this welfare, and what a scam–these insurance companies, the chosen few, have insulated themselves not only via the employers but the recipients of their stolen largesse.

Again, I never asked for a dime’s worth of coverage for myself–the OWEBAMBICARE MANDATE IS NOT THE LAW OF THE LAND QUITE YET–and I’ll be damned if I’m going to help the Feds rob the taxpayers to pay healthcare insurance premiums I would never purchase for myself.

I’ll pay as I go, as I have for the last few years, thank you very much. It’s much cheaper to pay for a dental checkup for my child every six months than to help a bunch of socialists and communists steal from the taxpayers every month just to fatten the ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN’S bottom line.

Geez…I never realized the extent of the racket until now…Nancy Pelosi was right–we had to pass the damn bill to see what was in it. And man, I don’t like what I see, not one bit. I hope whoever is behind this crappy POS scheme rots in hell. And takes Obama and Pelosi down with them.

Patriot Missiles…to China? TREASON

To recap, earlier in the month two of our unmanned drones were flown directly into our enemies–Iran and China–hands, purportedly “by accident…”

Now we have Patriot missiles in boxes marked “fireworks” going to China that were intercepted by the Finns. Here’s a link to the BBC story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16292244

But look at the political spin the Washington Post wants to put on the story in their lame attempt to bury it:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/finnish-police-detain-ukrainian-captain-officer-in-missile-and-explosive-shipment/2011/12/22/gIQAMWPOBP_story.html

Are the traitors squatting in our White House and Congress giving our military secrets to our enemies? Are they selling them? Why? To make the next world war more interesting? More evenly matched? More gory? More deadly? More profitable? Why haven’t the Chinese built their own missiles? Are the globalists who profit from all war, all the time, trying to give them a hand up on the competition, which is US?

If the Republicans are truly on the side of America and the People, where’s Daryl Issa with his subpeonas and numerous Congressional investigations that produce exactly no charges or arrests–ever?

So, why is there no real outcry here? Why hasn’t the Pentagon issued a statement? Why haven’t the other news organizations that make up the “media” reported anything? Where’s Red State, where’s The Blaze, where’s Townhall, where’s Hot Air, where are any other supposedly conservative websites purportedly standing up for America on this? Does the Washington Post and the rest of the media, Fox and every other “conservative website” included, think someone, some stupid American, won’t finally connect the dots?

Are these professional propagandists…er, journo’s…at the Washington Post and elsewhere that duped? Or do they and the traitors of both Parties and their globalist buddies really believe all America is so dumbed-down now, or so distracted, that we’ll just believe any old story they want to feed us?

Treason is as treason does, most assuredly. And tell me, where are the patriotic politicians of either Party? Their silence on this is simply deafening. See what 16 trillion dollars in debt buys us, America? Traitors, one and all.

Party (R and D): two heads of one snake coiled in Washington DC striking at the heart and soul of America.

When do we the People fight back? If not for ourselves, then for our children, our sons and daughters, that the globalists and their domestic puppets (R and D) see merely as gory fodder for their next profitable war.

Ron Paul, 2012

Welcome to Tyranny–American-Style

A small lesson in how Progressives scheme our legislative system to their benefit and none of our own.

First, they get legislation passed within other, more important legislation like the annual Defense Appropriations Bill that says, hey, despite the guarantees of our Constitution, it’s ok if we arrest all al Qaeda operatives without benefit of due process, merely on an accusation by some “authority” although that “authority” is left to the President to define. I mean, it’s clearly spelled out in SB1867 sec. 1031c who the “covered” persons to be subjected to this unlawful treatment are. For now.

In sec. 1032b we read that “The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not apply to citizens of the United States.” Fine, huh? No.

Not only no, but HELL NO.

Note this bill does not say US citizens are exempted or excluded. Very important terminology. But, wait, there’s more.

Somewhere down the road, a year or less probably, inserted in some other, wholly unrelated 2000+ page bill will be a little amendment to the definition of “covered persons” in this bill. Then “covered persons” will be redefined to mean anyone who disagrees with or opposes the establishment interests of either the Democrat or Republican Progressives in Congress currently selling us out for their own personal interests. But no one will draw attention to this little amendment, and since you and I will never know when they will insert this little provision into some other huge monstrosity of legislation, we now have to watch them even closer.

After all, do you trust Congress? I thought not. Neither do I. Look how easily so many Senators and House Representatives were walked AWAY from the Constitution.

Mark my words. With the passage of SB1867 in the Senate and its twin bill in the House, both of which are now set to be reconciled before being sent to the President to sign, the Progressives have opened a door to military takeover. They know it, so do I. And now you know it, too.

Since when is the Executive Branch to be exalted over the Legislative or Judicial?

Progressives have only been working this same scheme to dismantle our Constitution since 1913 and the Federal Reserve Act that gave us all the parasite to host known as The Fed.

Patriots never stand down–they stand up.

Lock and load. Keep your powder dry.

Suicide Bomber Breeding Program

Shahada: (arabic) To die for the “cause.”

Since the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was formed in 1964, they’ve had two main goals, despite their cover story of fighting for a Palestinian state–money and a breeding program for suicide bombers.

And the poor Palestinian people are the sheep being bred to “die for the cause.”

Interesting, isn’t it, that for all the money the world, and the US, has given the PLO–and lately the millions Obama has given to Hamas, the PLO’s successor to management of the breeding program–no one bothered to educate these poor Palestinians on their right to life.

All the learning these poor outcasts and rejects of the Arab world have received is brainwashing in Shahada. For forty plus years, the breeding program instituted by rich globalists of Arab and non-Arab descent sharing a common hankering to own the world has gone unchallenged and unchecked. And largely unreported. Palestinian television hammers home certain messages repeatedly: US, Israel bad. Strap a bomb to your body and “die for the cause” good.

Even the current generation of Palestinian mothers believe now that sending their child to be blown to bits along with other innocent victims is an “honor” that will entitle them to “paradise.”

Unfortunately, the real paradise for which these poor mothers are sending their kids to die belongs to the PLO, who has assets in the neighborhood of 10-14 billion dollars. Yes, that’s Billion with a B. And now Hamas expects their “fair” share of the breeding program pie.

Some of that money came from neighboring Arab states, but some of that money came from the US as well.

And funny, isn’t it, the Palestinian people don’t seem one whit smarter or better off for all those bucks, do they?

Ah, but what’s a takeover of the world without a herd of suicide bombers to terrorize the global population.

And the breeding of these poor human sheep, these Palestinians, their brainwashing continues.

There must be a special Hell reserved for people who breed other human beings to their own purposes.

George Soros, Obama, and the Progressive traitors in Congress and the UN–can you hear me now?