If It Wasn’t For the Thin Skin





He would be transparent.






Der Emperor has no soul.


Obama Sides with These

Graphic. Offensive, especially to those who believe in the Rule of Law. But every American patriot needs to watch this video, if only to know thy enemy.


These cavemen

Obama supports

with our tax dollars,

our military might, our fine brave soldiers.

These “religion of Peace” advocatesGeorge Soros buys and sells like so many slaves in a market.

Hillary Clinton said of Gaddafi’s death, “We came, we saw, he died.” And she was laughing, laughing for God’s sake. Riding a blood-lust high.

Not a speck of humanity in this woman.

No wonder Bill goes outside the marriage to get him some.

Muslims celebrate 9/11

Not defending Gaddafi in any way, shape, or form. Not saying his end wasn’t deserved. Jus’ saying that these are the mad dogs, the ravening wolves Obama, Hillary and Soros would turn on all of us in a heartbeat to further their own ends.

Obama sides with these.

Standing with Bocephus

Freedom of Speech: (in 2011 Big Brother-speak) A civil right extended only to liberals and Progressives by the lamestream media, for which the penalty to conservatives is the loss of your job, among other acts of extortion, public or private, and too numerous to mention.

Patriots never stand down, they stand up.

Word: Recession

Recession: economic downturn declared at an “end” by Obama in 2009 because it’s the only word standing between the Obama administration and Depression, which is where America’s economy is now headed.

Note to Obama: We the People know the recession didn’t end in 2009 just because you and your lamestream media said so. Even the Teleprompter of the United States knows better. Maybe you ought to consult it once in a while and ignore the idiot in your mirror.