Political comments of a conservative nature by an American Patriot.


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  1. “The recent Assets & Opportunity Scorecard of the states by the Corporation for Enterprise Development said the state ranks 40th overall in uninsured rate, 48th in uninsured low-income parents and 45th in uninsured low-income children. (Would these be some of the same people who can’t even figure out exactly how many unemployed there are in this nation? The ones who cook the books to ensure dear leader’s unemployment rate looks better? More fuzzy math?)”

    Just wanted to add, does this include all the native Americans that are not insured, but get IHS care? (Or does that COUNT as insurgence?) Like food stamps. That isn’t welfare, that’s “Department of Agriculture support.” Cooking books? DC would never do such a thing, would they?

    Wanted to Private email you novie, but not feeling well enough to look for your address.

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