Starve Our Children, Feed the Socialists


Michelle Obama sets a fine example of Do As I Say, Not as I Do–the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 mandates a one-size-fits-all regulation of 750-850 calories for school lunches. Unfortunately only in a socialist utopia pipe-dream are any American’s kids one-size-fits-all.

Guess what Michelle’s kids, Sasha & Melia, are eating at Sidwell (their PRIVATE school)?

Cheesy ziti bake with alfredo sauce

Sengelese chicken

Coconut chicken

Philly cheese steak

Sweet italian sausage

Moochelle Antoinette strikes again–her kids are too good for PUBLIC school, especially at lunchtime



Damn, woman. Do something about the size of your ass, then get back to us on what our schools should be feeding our kids.


Check out the “We Are Hungry” video below


To make your voice heard contact:
Undersecretary of Food & Nutrition Services
Kevin Concannon
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, D.C. 20250
Secretary of Agriculture
Tom Vilsack
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, D.C. 20250


7 thoughts on “Starve Our Children, Feed the Socialists

  1. Where did you get the information about their children’s lunches? I’m assuming, you copied it from the school website or something; without, of course, considering the probability that they bring their own lunch.

    The daily recommended caloric allowance for an ADULT is 2,000 calories. Children eat 3 meals a day, plus any additional snacking. 750-850 calories for lunch is MORE than enough for a growing child. The US is home to 5% of the world’s population, yet we have 1/3 of the world’s overweight/obese people. If you have a child that isn’t full after an 850 calorie lunch, then they are over-eating; and most likely over-weight. Why don’t you do a bit of “googling”, and find out how much money fat people cause the government every year? If Republicans are going to go on and on about how they “pay for all liberals”, (WHICH THEY DON’t) Then I’m going to go on and on about how I don’t want my tax money paying for you and your fat children, who can’t control their impulse to consume everything in sight.

    • Boy, you libs are really freaking out, huh? Your boy, Owebambi, is losing by a huge margin and you all know it, deep down inside, or why are you dropping by a no-name blog like mine to leave your drive-by comment like the frightened little thug you imagine yourself to be?

      Why don’t you do a little research for a change, eh? School athletes burn thousands of calories A DAY. In fact, my mother in Oklahoma just told me that so many of the high school athletes down there were keeling over at practice that the parents got together to bring them snacks.

      Sorry, your one-size-fits-all, recommended daily caloric intake for sedentary overweight welfare mothers, socialism doesn’t work here in America. Get that through your diseased little head.

      Doesn’t matter where I got the school lunch menus either. Do you seriously believe, in your fool-aid soaked mind, that Owebambi’s kids are taking sack lunches from the White House to their private school?

      That Owebambi Fool-Aid you’re swilling has got to be some powerful stuff. You’ve got no common sense left, if you ever had any at all. I bet you have to look up the term “critical thinking”, too.

    • By the way, just wondering there–are fat people your progressive leaders’ next target? Huh?

      You poor suffering liberals always have to have a target, you know. First you label, then you segregate, then you pit one group of people against another. You love hate more than you hate God.

      Go ahead, boo God three times again. See what happens next. We’re watching with baited breath the results of the last time you and your “buds” did that.

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