People Are Asking Questions, Owebambi

Valid questions:

Why did the Egyptian embassy feel a need to apologize for the poor wittle hurt muslim feelings just BEFORE our Libyan ambassador and staff were killed? What did our Embassy staff know prior to the murders?

What about the CBS reports that claim our ambassador and staff were taken to a more secure location by Libyan Security who then betrayed that location to the mob?

Why is a filmmaker and a preacher being blamed for this violence when every chance he gets, Owebambi spikes the football on their messiah, bin Laden?

Why did Owebambi throw away a golden opportunity to BE presidential by running off to Vegas for a fundraiser instead of staying in the White House pretending to mourn the loss of the ambassador and staff? Why, he could have earned a chance in this election by showing a modicum of respect for the deaths of his citizens. He could’ve rescheduled his fundraiser and pretended to care for at least a day, the day of the murders, couldn’t he?

Funny what happens when you boo God three times at your “convention”, ain’t it?

One more question for you:

Why are we still allowing Owebambi to fund his Muslim brotherhood in the Middle East through our foreign aid?

Or rather, why is Congress?

I could ask why we’re still in the UN, but I think answering the questions above might point us to the solution.

People are asking questions, Owebambi. Everything you think you’ve built is starting to fall apart.


3 thoughts on “People Are Asking Questions, Owebambi

  1. I hope and pray what he thinks he’s built is falling apart, but there are still so many Marxists committed to their dark dream, still putting their fingers in dikes, still covering for his foul missteps. Obviously, a huge percentage of the press is in that crowd. We just need to pray for the his deceptions to be brought to light and for peoples’ eyes to be opened.

    • Once you speak to hundreds, or thousands, of your countrymen, as I do in my day job, you begin to realize that it is largely the press, and only the lamestream press, that are Marxists committed to their dark dream, and still willing to put their fingers in dikes to cover for Owebambi’s FAILURES (missteps is too tame a word). Have faith. You don’t boo God three times without repercussions. We are seeing them now. They will continue to plague Owebambi until he is naught but a bad chapter in the great history of America.

  2. It has been announced that the State Department will answer no more questions about Libya until the investigation is through. Guessing that means until after the election. I failed to read your e-mail because you are too predictable and I am just a stupid White-boy that survived a war and 12 major surgeries that has no respect for anyone to include Omama…

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