The Obamacare Racket–Welfare for a few good Insurance Companies

Now, pay attention, folks.

This whole Obamacare thing is a racket, it’s welfare for the “chosen” insurance companies. I finally manage to get OFF foodstamps, but would like to keep some kind of healthcare coverage for my daughter (medicaid or even CHIPs, where I would pay a low cost monthly premium plus a co-pay, but not lose the DENTAL coverage). I get a letter from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services asking me if my employer offered coverage and was I enrolled? Hell, no, I’m not enrolled, I say, but wait…this gets better.

I get a second letter telling me that the State has determined that it’s more cost effective (to whom) for me to enroll myself and my child in the ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN offered at work, to the tune of 373.00 per month with a stunning deductible we’ll never meet (BUT NO DENTAL), AND THE STATE WILL REIMBURSE ME.Just let that whole convoluted money trail sink in for a moment. I buy the insurance, or let the insurance company take their pound of flesh out of my hard-earned paycheck and the Feds, via the State, will reimburse me. Hell, they even sent me three postage paid envelopes so I can send in the proof of my first three months of insurance.

Bite me, Owebambi.

Now, tell me, who truly benefits here? Not my child, she’s losing her dental coverage. Who benefits? Not me. I’m out almost two hundred every two weeks, and the last two medical incidents I personally suffered were a year a part, which I PAID FOR OUT OF POCKET (fractured arms, left and right).

WHO BENEFITS? I’ll tell you–ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN is the true welfare beneficiary, not me, not my child. This is the Obamacare racket.

Did I ask for a dime’s worth of coverage for myself? NO, HELL NO. And thanks, but no thanks State of Montana. I’m not going to be a party to ripping off the taxpayers of my state as well as the nation so that some ALLEGIANCE INSURANCE company might get just that much richer. I sure love how you all try to insulate yourselves though. Real up front there and honest (sarcasm off!).

The whole “poor-pitiful-insurance-companies” as victims the media–LEFT AND RIGHT–is trying to sell us is a crock of SHIT. Whoever came up with that line of snake oil should get a Pulitzer for fiction.

I’m staring at the proof right in front of me on my desk in the form of a letter from the State of Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services. I have the letter that preceded this one as well.

Perhaps the White House will leak a list of chosen insurance companies who will benefit from this healthcare racket, this welfare, and what a scam–these insurance companies, the chosen few, have insulated themselves not only via the employers but the recipients of their stolen largesse.

Again, I never asked for a dime’s worth of coverage for myself–the OWEBAMBICARE MANDATE IS NOT THE LAW OF THE LAND QUITE YET–and I’ll be damned if I’m going to help the Feds rob the taxpayers to pay healthcare insurance premiums I would never purchase for myself.

I’ll pay as I go, as I have for the last few years, thank you very much. It’s much cheaper to pay for a dental checkup for my child every six months than to help a bunch of socialists and communists steal from the taxpayers every month just to fatten the ALLEGIANCE BENEFIT PLAN’S bottom line.

Geez…I never realized the extent of the racket until now…Nancy Pelosi was right–we had to pass the damn bill to see what was in it. And man, I don’t like what I see, not one bit. I hope whoever is behind this crappy POS scheme rots in hell. And takes Obama and Pelosi down with them.


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