What a Little “Lesser” Evil Gets You

This is what the little “lesser” evil most of you voted for over the last forty years gets you: conditioned to accept evil in your lives.


Hate is evil, fear is evil, and BOTH PARTIES use these tools to keep you in their pens, feeding you the illogical assumption that a little “lesser” evil can vanquish a larger evil, while never permitting you to question how, or even why, a little evil can beat up a big one when both are working for the same side…


2 thoughts on “What a Little “Lesser” Evil Gets You

  1. Ron Paul was in my town yesterday – he was high on my ‘short list’ of ‘evil,’ but he wants to legalize all illegal drugs. My list just lost a name and will write in someone rather than vote for any current candidate. This is all part of a perfectly orchestrated plan that we cannot control no matter how hard we try. I am a realist – always have been, and always will be. As long as the sheeples eat the pea-vines they are being fed in their pens, Obama WILL be the next president unless he is burked. It appears that no one has the ability to bork him at this stage as along as the mediums worship him and the masses eat it all up. Now the FBOne wants to shut down the Internet…

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