Lord God

Lord God,


Two weeks ago, the bank gave me two more dollars than it should.


I took it back.


A week ago, the same bank gave me fifty dollars more than it should.


I took it back.


Last night, the kid at McDonald’s gave me a whole sack of food beyond the order that I paid for.


I took it back.


Twice now You have tempted me with money, then once with mere food.


And being me, always me, (as You well know), my question now is why?


What small tests are these; in preparation for what?


You see, I know You, too.


Never anything without a purpose, or several.


Gotta love ya, Lord God. You keep Life so damn interesting.


Once You take note and get involved.


Can’t wait to see what happens next and when.


5 thoughts on “Lord God

  1. He’s just checking to be sure you aren’t a Democrat. The lure of taking what someone else has worked for proves too much for some.

  2. God has always moved in mysterious ways as you well know. Having met St. Peter at the Golden Gates and sent back after being told, “It is not your time to die yet” I made my peace with God and no longer look for any hidden meaning in the actions of my God as I understand him.

  3. Well, don’t be too literal with me, Jigsaw. I was actually referencing the Prez’s comments of late about being generous. I’ve decided to adopt his philosophy. So what do you have that I can give away?

    • I have goodwill, honesty, courage, to give away in abundance. The other things, the bright, shiny stuff like gold or the meaty stuff known as food, not so much, just like the rest of us. LOL

      Obama’s not a president. He doesn’t even play one on TV. His teleprompter does though–play president on TV, I mean. And it’s got more empathy, I bet. That’s why it tried to runaway last year, but in order to avoid embarrassment, the administration called it stolen. Or was that a prompter-knapping? And were the perps ever caught? LOL

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