A Snake Named Party

I find pretty impressive the notion that either head of that snake in Washington named Party can turn nearly everyone here in America against someone else here in America.

Our problem is not R or D. That’s just a sleight of hand fostered by the two-headed snake named Party to provide us all with the illusion of choice.

Our biggest problem is the snake itself.

Note that when the names and affiliations change in Washington, the policies don’t. The same tyranny continues to creep into our lives through legislation, the same trashing of the Constitution occurs–R or D.

If the two heads of this snake named Party are so different, explain the votes on extending the Patriot Act, the NDAA, SOPA, etc. I’ve asked this same question at least a hundred times at different so-called conservative sites over the Net, yet no one can come up with any real significant differences other than to blame Obama as if he and the Democrats were our only enemy and not being aided and abetted by the Republican establishment.

Until we all realize who our enemy actually is, we’ve got no chance of defeating it. If you persist in your willful ignorance, America loses, our children lose, and freedom in the world will become just a myth perpetrated by oral storytellers because one day, sooner than we think, both heads of that snake in Washington named Party will decide to rewrite History to exclude God, Country and Constitution, not to mention the Revolution and our Founders.

Now, if you want to continue arguing amongst yourselves about which head of that snake in Washington is better, or which face of either head of that snake in Washington is better, be my guest. But never can you say from this point on that you didn’t know or that you weren’t warned.


3 thoughts on “A Snake Named Party

  1. In all seriousness, does anything ever really change, but the names? We got what the majority voted for – just as in the past presidential elections – but in this case, we ended up with a Medusa. Trying to lop of its head will not be successful in this case because too many Obamanots are supporting him while he slithers to another term…

    • I wouldn’t say it’s a Medusa, nor would I say that lopping the head(s) of this snake would not be successful. I have more faith than that.

      Ron Paul is the start of a return to the Constitution. Any vote cast for any other candidate in this election is a vote for the continuation of the tyranny and, therefore, largely a waste of time or an exercise in futility–take your pick.

  2. I hope you have enough faith for the many that believe Obama cannot be stopped at this stage. Our current president – along with his ilk – is a classic example of despotism in my opinion and can only be stopped by lopping off all the heads. Despotism: A form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution, laws or opposition etc.)

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