Washing My Hands of Rush Limbaugh

This morning I listened to Rush Limbaugh devote most of the first hour of his show trying to convince his listening audience that he wasn’t a part of the Republican establishment. Oh, he never came right out and said that, instead he used Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, and her endorsement of Romney–terming it at one point as a betrayal of the Tea Party that helped her get elected–to do the convincing.

But anyone with a nose for political spin could tell what Rush was up to, especially when he opened the second hour with one of his famous phoney ads he runs to enlighten and entertain. This time, however, he joined in the chorus of establishment Republicans to bash Ron Paul. And that’s when I finally washed my hands of him.

Alienating any candidate’s supporters cannot be good business, but even more, the attack on Paul seemed to come right on cue, as if the entire panicky Republican Establishment corps got a phone call to begin the coordinated assault. They’re all too smart to actually send out a memo–paper trails and all that.

So, which is it, Rush? Are you or are you not a member of Republican establishment?

I switched his program off the minute he started his crap and I don’t feel the slightest inclination to resume listening to him. Unfortunately, too, in this radio market, Hannity’s radio show follows Rush’s, so I’m not inclined to listen to Sean much either.

Not that little old me would mean much to those two elite right-wing propaganda pushers. But Rush does this today, of all days, on the anniversary of the real Tea Party that begot us a revolution, a fine country and a Constitution.

After 23 years of listening to Rush Limbaugh, I realize now that he’s no more conservative than Newt Gingrich or Nancy Pelosi with his hawking the establishment Republican’s message, right on cue, like a good little Progressive soldier.

Oh, if this isn’t a year of grave disappointments–discovering that Boehner has no more spine than the rest of his Progressive Republican establishment, or that Michelle Bachman for all her claim of loving the Constitution would let herself be walked AWAY so easily from that Constitution in voting to extend the Patriot Act, or Romney trying to convince us all he’s less the Progressive traitor than Newt, who can’t make up his mind which side he’s on, until the bidding is over.

I support the only honest, and honestly consistent, man running. No one, not a Rush Limbaugh, not a Sean Hannity, not one person on this Earth is going to convince me that holding our noses to vote for the “lesser of two evils” in 2012 just as we’ve done for the last forty years and expecting a different result is anything less than outright insane.


4 thoughts on “Washing My Hands of Rush Limbaugh

  1. Whenever I listen to Rush Limbaugh the BS radar – and filter – are on the highest setting. Limbaugh is a ‘showman’ and will cater to the history-timeline whenever it is convenient because he knows that most folks have no idea of what he is doing. Keep in mind that he has to keep the money coming in order to maintain his empire and way-of-life. Not sure if I would ‘wash my hands’ of Limbaugh just because he went after Ron Paul – I have never seen a ‘chicken’ following a ‘turkey’ around the barnyard until this election…

    • You know, if Rush had just gone after Ron Paul, but not in a denigrating manner, I wouldn’t mind. I don’t have a problem with criticism, if done fairly, legitimately. But to spend the first hour trying to show what a conservative he is, only to open the second hour by not criticizing, but insulting Ron Paul, well, that was beyond the pale for me.

      I’m done with this showman. He can spew all the hatred and fear he wants. He’s going to do it without me or my support. I’ve been listening to him since he first came on the air, but this is enough. I’ve had my fill of pseudo-conservatives trying to lead us to close our eyes, pinch our noses and vote for evil once more. The definition of insanity? Doing the same thing we’ve been doing for the last forty years. Time to return to the Constitution in more than just name only.

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