Treason in a Drone, or Two

In the past week, our military leaders have flown two of our high-tech drones directly into the hands of our enemies.


The first went to Iran, who is so far behind us technologically they must be handed a drone on a silver platter so they might someday make of themselves a credible enemy worth invading just to keep the profits from the war machine fattening a few good globalists’ pockets. Doesn’t matter how many of our brave soldiers have to die to keep these people in the style to which they’ve become accustomed either.


The second drone went down, according to the Washington Post, in the Seychelles, the Indian Ocean archipelago that serves as a base for anti-piracy operations, as well as U.S. surveillance missions over Somalia.


Again, from the Washington Post story: Photos of the Reaper show that it sustained heavy damage, with the nose of the drone carved off and one wing partially missing. Gervais Henrie, editor of the local Le Seychellois Hebdo, who witnessed a crew lifting the remains of the drone with a crane after the crash, said it had burst into flames. Much of the Reaper appeared charred.

“Totally destroyed,” Henrie said in a phone interview.


I would bet dollars to donuts the technology inside the cockpit area is still intact. How convenient for the Chinese, who coincidentally said Tuesday, according to the AP, that it is considering an offer from the Seychelles to host Chinese naval ships in the Indian Ocean island nation, highlighting the increasing global reach of a navy that recently launched its first aircraft carrier.


And here I thought giving our military secrets away was nothing less than Treason. Maybe flying our secrets directly into the hands of our enemies doesn’t count. Let’s go ask that drone, Obama, or maybe we should climb the food chain to ask his master puppeteer, Soros.


Maybe Issa can issue yet another subpoena that results in exactly no arrests or charges. It’s starting to look like the Republicans are just as riddled with Progressive global traitors as the Democrats.Two heads of the same snake selling us out in broad daylight.


Sure getting tired of being played. Aren’t you, America?



2 thoughts on “Treason in a Drone, or Two

  1. Or were the drones part of a more ‘sinister,’ yet unreported plan to give these nations false information like the British did to the German’s when they dumped a bum off the coast of Normandy with make believe papers? Me thinks there is more to this than has been reported on since I have personally been to the ‘secret’ place where Boeing makes these drones…

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