Banned at Townhall

Oh, yes, little old me who, like my Forefathers, would give my life to defend America and the Constitution–IN ITS ENTIRETY–have been banned at Townhall, that pseudo-conservative website designed to sell the Republican party line to willing sheep.


God forbid any real American Patriot steps outside either parties’ lines. God forbid any real American thinks for themselves or acts for themselves. I guess all that free speech crap disrupts the counts going on currently as the sheep of both parties are herded to their slaughter.


Well, piss on you, Townhall. At least now I and the few others that read this drivel know that you’re just a mouthpiece for the Republican party and anyone who dares suggest that both Democrats and Republicans are two heads of the same snake must be banned because the truth sucks.


I must’ve really pissed off John Ransom when I pointed out in my defense of the Constitution that he isn’t so Constitutionally-inclined after all. Or maybe it was Mike Shedlock, one of Townhall’s resident “financial” gurus, who didn’t like being told that the recession never ended, even if Obama said so, and now we’re sliding into Depression. Boy, those guys are really caught up in spewing the Republican propaganda. Makes herding the sheep easier for the Newts or Romneys or Boehners of the world, I’m sure. I hope leading the People astray pays well. Blood-money to soothe the pricking conscience. Too bad your Republicans are just as eager as the Democrats to devalue the dollar. Better invest in gold, huh?


I refuse to be herded into the slaughter pens of either party. I’m standing tall for America and the Constitution–IN ITS ENTIRETY–and if the poor Republican party propagandists at Townhall don’t like my free speech, they–like Obama, Soros, and the rest of the Progressives of both parties–can kiss my free American ass.



5 thoughts on “Banned at Townhall

    • Oh, I got an email this morning from Townhall saying I wasn’t banned. Then this person asked if I’d like my password reset.

      I replied, sure, reset my password, but what was wrong with the old one? It worked for one day. Haven’t heard another word since…

      Not banned, my ass.

    • In a word,

      In six words,
      Not only NO, but HELL NO!

      I refuse to behave, I refuse to be herded into a party pen, and I WILL VOTE RON PAUL, even if I have to write him in…

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