Welcome to Tyranny–American-Style

A small lesson in how Progressives scheme our legislative system to their benefit and none of our own.

First, they get legislation passed within other, more important legislation like the annual Defense Appropriations Bill that says, hey, despite the guarantees of our Constitution, it’s ok if we arrest all al Qaeda operatives without benefit of due process, merely on an accusation by some “authority” although that “authority” is left to the President to define. I mean, it’s clearly spelled out in SB1867 sec. 1031c who the “covered” persons to be subjected to this unlawful treatment are. For now.

In sec. 1032b we read that “The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not apply to citizens of the United States.” Fine, huh? No.

Not only no, but HELL NO.

Note this bill does not say US citizens are exempted or excluded. Very important terminology. But, wait, there’s more.

Somewhere down the road, a year or less probably, inserted in some other, wholly unrelated 2000+ page bill will be a little amendment to the definition of “covered persons” in this bill. Then “covered persons” will be redefined to mean anyone who disagrees with or opposes the establishment interests of either the Democrat or Republican Progressives in Congress currently selling us out for their own personal interests. But no one will draw attention to this little amendment, and since you and I will never know when they will insert this little provision into some other huge monstrosity of legislation, we now have to watch them even closer.

After all, do you trust Congress? I thought not. Neither do I. Look how easily so many Senators and House Representatives were walked AWAY from the Constitution.

Mark my words. With the passage of SB1867 in the Senate and its twin bill in the House, both of which are now set to be reconciled before being sent to the President to sign, the Progressives have opened a door to military takeover. They know it, so do I. And now you know it, too.

Since when is the Executive Branch to be exalted over the Legislative or Judicial?

Progressives have only been working this same scheme to dismantle our Constitution since 1913 and the Federal Reserve Act that gave us all the parasite to host known as The Fed.

Patriots never stand down–they stand up.

Lock and load. Keep your powder dry.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Tyranny–American-Style

  1. My only beef with this article is that it narrows the scope–not intentionally, I’m sure. The fact is, this sort of thing is happening every time the legislature is in session. Progressive congresses continue to expand the power of the executive and limit the rights of citizens. If the current gangster-in-chief is put back in power by federal employees and labor unions, look for private property rights to be further diminished, for the first amendment to be amended and for the second amendment to go away. This truly is a social revolution, albeit a quiet one.

  2. Ma’am, we have virtually no control over persons, places or things when it comes right down to it. All we can do is vote unless we choose to run for some kind of office to try and change things. Friends of mine that are attorneys refuse to run for any kind of political office because they tell me they make more money as an attorney and would never put up with the crap of being a politician, Perhaps we are on a downward spiral into Dante’s Inferno – maybe ring 13…

  3. We might be on a downward spiral into Dante’s inferno–perhaps we’re all being tested.

    And yes, the Progressives have been using this same type of tactic with all sorts of Constitution-trampling legislation for the last 100 years.

    I still have faith that we the People will improvise, adapt and, ultimately, overcome.

  4. The trueth is it’s not a democrat or repub lican thing. Boath parties are in cahoots together. We have a two party dictatership. Thats why no one of real value can win the oval office. Thay block out any other party or person from running via the midea. Our voices are mutted by the establishment.

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