If the People Running This Government…

Overheard at a truck stop fuel desk:

“If the people

running this government

get any smarter,

they’ll be standing on all fours

in a feedlot.”


6 thoughts on “If the People Running This Government…

  1. One need shake the hand of such an person. Such a comment
    is generous / considering the grave damage done by politicians.

    It remarkable the generousity/forgiveness/love of human beings.

    Though it must be added in fairness. When coming to govt it be
    the democrats left with an appalling situation // at all levels within
    all govt depts // after two dire terms of republican mismanagment.

    Thus towards democrats /// must go ones depth in understanding
    as compassion in their facing their dealing with grave problems as
    brought by republicans // where in govt / having lost their direction
    lost in a world of political corruption / the nation reduced to poverty
    in financial terms / as moral terms // where great wrongs committed.

    • Boy, you Obamatrons must be really getting desperate to try to spin your bullshit on some no-name blog by No One U Know (meaning, in this case, an American Patriot un-entitled to anything but a fair shot at a Life, full Liberty, and the Pursuit of my own Happiness, as I and I alone define that). What a sad commentary on your miserable little life.

      You Obamatrons trot faithly about the net, leaving your diarhettic droppings everywhere you go, like a trail, and since you’re running way out there in front–you’re so much more advanced than the rest of us–you can’t see the runny, odiferous nature of your chains.

      Maybe you should quit drinking that Kool-Aid, Bucko, you’re getting the runs.

      If the pursuit of your own Happiness means mommy and daddy Government–local, state, and federal–I commend you on your cowardice. You’re going to need a lot of psychological care, counseling and conditioning, and soon–apparently–simply to step out on your own, leave your parents’ basement, get a job, balance a checkbook and watch prices rise overnight at the grocery, the gas station, with the rest of us.

      Too fucking bad. You’ll have to get over your fixation with being coddled like a pussy.

    • And one more thing, Obamatron:

      I’d pity you but I don’t waste pity on fools who don’t understand the demeaning, insulting nature of pity itself.

      In other words, you’re too dumb to understand the insult.

  2. I drove by the ‘Occupy Portland’ camp the other day and the first thing that came to mind was how easy it was to get the cows to come inside the pen by enticing them with food. The next step after the gate was closed was to herd them up the ramp into the trailer and off to the slaughter-house they went…

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