What “Is” is or, in Holder’s case, “a few”

According to Real Clear Politics, in March of this year, Obama spoke about having “heard of Fast and Furious” on the…



Two questions: Why doesn’t this President know what’s going on in his own administration; and how does this President have time to watch the “news” after he assured the American People that he would turn his “laser-like focus” on jobs, jobs, jobs. In between vacations and parties and campaign fund-raisers. Maybe.

And how does this March admission by Obama that the Attorney General had been notified and an inspector general was investigating the matter jive with Holder’s testimony before Congress in May of this year stating that he’d only “heard” of Fast and Furious “a few weeks ago.”

Maybe Holder plans to redefine “a few” ala Bill Clinton and the infamous “is.”

“A few” does not two months make, by anyone’s definition, even those spouting the new Government-speak.

If loose lips sink ships, Obama’s the new Titanic.


2 thoughts on “What “Is” is or, in Holder’s case, “a few”

  1. And he snatched the purse from her hand
    “Someone stop me,” he cried,
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    Randy Newman

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