A PSA for the Occupy Wall Street crowd

First degree frostbite

Fourth degree frostbite (yes, those black nubs are lost fingertips).

You can argue global warming, class warfare, rich versus poor, or any other liberal talking point in the emergency room, while those doctors and nurses are trying to save your appendages after you’ve proven once again that no matter how much education some folk get, they’re just too stupid to come in out of the cold.

Please ask yourselves why your SEIU organizers sent you out to occupy anything like a street in the Northeast just before winter. Please do. We all want to know the answer to that.

I’d show you what frostbite does to bare asses crapping on cop cars or penises looking for luv in all the wrong places, but I think that lesson is best served cold.


6 thoughts on “A PSA for the Occupy Wall Street crowd

  1. Avoid zealots for you cannot reason with them and they have no sense of humor as is apparent in one of the comments. I am not politically correct, but let the ‘Occupy’ freeze to death and send the bill(s) to Obama, Pelosi and all the Hollywood stars that endorse this tragic display of ignorance.

  2. I am reminded of some frost-bitten soldiers a couple of hundred years ago in a Valley they called “Forge”. By god, there were some men who had a “right” to protest (and the shots they fired, still ring in the world, and in my heart).

    God forever bless the patriot!

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