Standing with Bocephus

Freedom of Speech: (in 2011 Big Brother-speak) A civil right extended only to liberals and Progressives by the lamestream media, for which the penalty to conservatives is the loss of your job, among other acts of extortion, public or private, and too numerous to mention.

Patriots never stand down, they stand up.


4 thoughts on “Standing with Bocephus

  1. I find it more difficult to discern the blurring line between Hitler and Obama. Your neighbor can turn you in to Obama for saying the wrong thing about him and his administration via the ‘special’ website he has set up. No difference from the Nazi regime that expected the same from its populace in the 30’s and 40’s. Bocephus has a large cattle ranch across the highway from my cousin – he is a good man as well as a humble man and will become even stronger after this ordeal with our oppressors…

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