George Soros’s Toys

Distraction: A political tool provided by liberal mainstream media to every Progressive politician they support in both Congress and the White House; a propaganda device whose main purpose is to divert the electorate’s attention from the high crimes, misdemeanors, and outright treason being committed in the highest offices of our land.

Warning: This device works only on a sleeping public that trusts their media’s reporting.

Example: The Soros-owned media endeavoring to bury the crime and treason Obama and Eric Holder committed with Solyndra and Fast and Furious under the thrift-store sleeping bags of a few young, ignorant kids camping out on Wall St.

Someone ought to tell Soros and Obama, even the SEIU–organizers of the whole Occupy Wall St. fiasco–that the voting public, by and large, no longer trusts the Soros-owned media to employ any device but distraction in their reporting.

On second thought, perhaps we should allow Soros and Obama and the SEIU as well as their brain-dead media to figure this all out on their own, just to see how long it actually takes them to buy a clue, if only so the entire nation might learn what kind of mental midgets we’re dealing with here.

Both Holder and Obama should step down before they’re fired. But neither is smart enough to know what they ought to do. That’s the reason George Soros bought them in the first place–they’re so malleable, so easily molded for use, yet cheap enough to throw away when their uses run out. Sort of like Gumby and his sidekick, Pokey.

George Soros Toys

Obama, Holder, and the mainstream media: George Soros’s toys–to own, to trash, or even toss under the bus. Just like all those ignorant kids camping out on Wall Street.


3 thoughts on “George Soros’s Toys

  1. Ignorant? Well, that can certainly be said of the campers on Wall Street, but I don’t think Holder or Obama are ignorant. Socialist zealots is more like it. They’re just hell-bent on bringing this country down.

  2. They’re only hell-bent on taking this country down because they’ve been led to believe that George Soros will take care of them and protect their elite status, win or lose.

    Obama and Holder really don’t know the Soros they’re working for–they only think they do.

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