Young, Dumb, and Full Of…

Ignorance: The belief that, in a country where every person is created equal with certain unalienable rights, one carefully crafted set of loose morals should trump any and all others.

Occupy Wall St. useful idiots

Whose morals are you spouting–your very own or someone else’s? Or have you never given the question any thought?

Just because the Progressives infesting the public school system like vermin have led you to believe that the highest, best-est, the holy grail of moral ground is giving your all to the world doesn’t mean any of us were born to serve your world, or labor for your world, or pay for your world, or slave for your world.

No one else here in America owes your limited point of view their consideration, let alone their allegiance.

Not a single one of us was born owing this world, or any human in it, so much as the time of day. Not one of us. Nor do we owe the Federal Government a solid penny for the privilege of being born here in America. God chooses who lives here, and that would be whatever God you think is out there. Even if that’s no God at all.

Not a one of us is ever born to serve Man or Man’s inventions, or

George Soros, predator

even a sadistic and insecure Man‘s lust to inflict more and more suffering on all peoples, if only to convince himself he’s truly king of the world.

Not a single human on this planet owes the world, or another human in it, or any government of Man, or even their own parents, a particle of their lives, a dime of their fortunes, or even the tiniest shred of their sacred honor just because the predators among them say so.

Days of Rage in Tulsa

This is where the Progressives lied to all you idiot children protesting you’re not quite sure what–They only know what’s best for them, not you. And you owe it to yourselves to use the magnificent biological machine your soul powers to its full capacity. In other words, engage your “gifted” brains, think for yourselves, and grow up.

With every swallow you make of Progressive bullshit, you’re being robbed of the experience of individual freedom that’s just waiting for those among you courageous enough to own a genuine pair, a pair unique from all others.

George Soros, predator

Personal note to Soros and his pack of Progressive predators:

Do the math, morons. You haven’t grown or programmed or illegally imported enough human sheep yet to destroy America. And at the rate you abort your children, I doubt you ever will.


4 thoughts on “Young, Dumb, and Full Of…

  1. Soros’s appeal to have his felony conviction for insider trading quashed in the European Court of Human Rights failed. He is just another convicted felon with lots of money and power – and who really cares at this stage since hardly anyone reads the real news. We got six to eight thousand of these ‘Occupy’ twerps camped-out and protesting in Portland, OR that are screaming for change and nothing will change.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know there were that many derelict parents in Portland, Oregon. Unless these “participants” have been bussed in…

    These useful idiots might be “screaming” for change, but they don’t know what change it is they’re screaming for…I thought Obama was their great hope and change. We can all see how well that’s working out for them, huh…LOLOL

    • Obama made it perfectly clear that he supports the all ‘Occupy’ folks especially in NY and there needs to be changes. More votes from needy folks would be my guess as they have both hands out wanting more as he continues to stump for re-election. The biggest rub for me is that we have heard all of Obama’s speeches over and over – I, I, I & me, me, me and look what I have done for this country.

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